brca spotlight

The BRCA Foundation presents its new thought-provoking series, Research Spotlight. Through the Spotlight series, we will give you a sneak-peak into the world of ground-breaking research being conducted by BRCA Foundation-funded scientists. These researchers have made life-changing discoveries in cancer therapeutics. We will interview both well-established investigators in the field of cancer discovery as well as young investigators who represent the next generation of BRCA experts. Each will share an interesting aspect of her or his current work, highlighting science on the cutting-edge of BRCA research. In addition to learning about these new discoveries, we will dive into the challenges, both personally and professionally, that drives these researchers to pursue meaningful science. This series will include a short video highlighting an impactful project or idea each researcher is pursuing. For those interested in the full length interview, a longer video featuring the extended interview will also be provided. Join us as we explore the ever-changing landscape of BRCA research through the words of the investigators working on the front-line.

Cancer Subtyping

Daniele Ramazzotti

Jan 2019

Expanding Genetic Testing

Dr. Allison Kurian

Dec 2018

Defining Differences in BRCA-Driven Cancers

Dr. Avantika Lal

Dec 2018

Understanding Clinical Trials

Dr. Mallika Dhawan

Nov 2018

Drug Delivery Devices

Dr. Pamela Munster

Oct 2018

Explaining Translational Genetics

Dr. David Quigley

Sep 2018