Who We Are


Evan Goldberg

Evan Goldberg

Chairman, President and Director

Goldberg is responsible for product strategy and development at Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit. Prior to Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite, Goldberg was CTO and Chairman of the NetSuite board. Before co-founding NetSuite in 1998, Evan Goldberg spent eight years at Oracle Corporation, where he served as a vice president. He was involved in a variety of projects, all focused on making powerful database technology more accessible to users. When he left Oracle, he started mBED Software and built groundbreaking website technology. Goldberg holds a B.A. Summa Cum Laude in Applied Mathematics from Harvard College.

Cary Cole

Cary Cole

Treasurer and Director

Cary Cole is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OSIX, the developer of Tapcast, a leading video marketing and business intelligence platform for eCommerce. Prior to founding OSIX, Cary was President and CEO of Broncus Technologies, Inc., where he raised more than $100M in venture capital and helped lead the development of innovative treatments and devices for lung cancer, asthma and emphysema. Cary also co-founded and served as Vice President of Marketing and Sales at CompuRAD, Inc., where his contributions culminated in a successful initial public offering (IPO).

Alexandra Mayers

Alexandra Mayers

Secretary and Director

Lexy Mayers is the Chief Development Officer at Brooklyn Public Library. Prior to her current position she spent a decade as an executive director at start-up nonprofits, including Room to Grow, an organization that provides parenting support and material items to low-income families. She also served as Executive Director at Cool Culture, which makes it possible for families from Head Start and city-funded child care centers to visit New York City's premier cultural institutions. Lexy graduated from Harvard College and holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management. She lives in Park Slope with her husband and two children.


Gail Fisher

Gail Fisher, JD, MSS

Deputy Director


Gail Fisher joins The BRCA Foundation from the University of California, San Francisco, where she worked as a Senior Specialist and Manager in the Research Development Office; in that capacity, she worked closely with foundations on unique funding opportunities available to UCSF faculty. Gail has also worked with various non-profits in San Francisco, most recently serving as Associate Director of Spark, a national non-profit that re-engages middle-school students through workplace-based apprenticeships that uniquely combine mentoring, project-based learning, skill building and career exploration. She also co-founded a mediation practice in Marin County, California, and prior to that worked as an assistant district attorney in Boston, and family therapist in Philadelphia. Gail holds a JD from Northeastern University School of Law, as well as a Master degree in Social Service and a Master degree in Law and Social Policy, both from Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.

BRCA Foundation

Science & Technology Advisory Team (STAT)

Our advisory team reflects our Silicon Valley roots and combines visionary technology experts and world-renowned scientists to form our Science and Technology Advisory Team (STAT). This distinctive composition of STAT members uniquely positions BRCA Foundation for groundbreaking leadership.Read More


A world where lives and families are
free of threat of BRCA cancers.


To accelerate research and foster collaboration in order to prevent and cure BRCA cancers.